How to Save On Your Energy Bills by Choosing Energy-Efficient Windows

How to Save On Your Energy Bills by Choosing Energy-Efficient Windows

Most homes at Tottenham consider their windows as their most attractive feature. The main task of window is to provide views, manage ventilation and daylighting, and give warmth in the coldest days of the days. But unfortunately, it is also responsible for a substantial portion of your home’s energy bills.

The kind of window and material used in its frames can affect everything inside your residential space completely. From the air you breathe to the energy bills you pay for, you must be aware how windows contribute to it. If you use single-pane windows for your home, try to replace them with double-pane with superb performance glass (with selective coatings or at least low-e coatings). During warmer days, look for windows having selective coatings for you to control heat gain.

Choosing the Best Windows

For long-term savings, the best recommendation is to install windows that are high in performance as they enhance the energy performance of your home. Although it takes a couple of years for your new windows to pay off energy savings, you will get immediate benefits of improved aesthetics, great functionality and added comfort.

  1. For better insulation, choose the windows that have low U-factor. This works well with insulation during cold climates. U-factor determines that rate where skylight, door and window perform non-solar heat flows.
  2. Always choose windows that are marked high in performance. Look for the ones featuring two (2) glass panes and low-emissivity coatings.
  3. Look for windows associated with low U-factor and SHGCs (solar heat gain coefficient). Low SHGC can lessen heat gain during warm climates. They maximise total energy savings during temperate climates with hot and cold seasons.
  4. Make sure that your windows will be installed by experienced and well-trained professionals. They should follow manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to do so means that your warranty will be void.
  5. Choose a window which features impact-resistant glass if you stay in Tottenham areas that may be at risk of flying debris (if there is storm) or if you reside along the coastal area.

Other Tips to Save Money and Energy

Aside from choosing the right windows to install, you can consider some of these helpful tips to guarantee less cost for total energy and utility bills at home.

  1. Choose a thermostat (programmable) to reduce utility bills. This also helps manage cooling and heating systems efficiently.
  2. Turn off things like televisions, lights, computers, and other entertainment systems when no one is using the room.
  3. Reduce your water heater thermostat to 120˚F only.
  4. Simply air dry your dishes and utensils rather than using the drying cycle of the dishwasher.

Windows play a significant role in the overall beauty, safety and comfort of your home. You can be more practical if you choose energy-efficient ones. If this idea is new to you, all you must do is ask from expert glaziers or trusted window manufacturers. Or, you can also surf the web to get instant answer at your convenience.

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