Going Green: What Are The Best Windows You Can Choose for the Environment

Going Green: What Are The Best Windows You Can Choose for the Environment

Your windows are the most principal element in the overall livability of your home or even office. They let in scent, sound and light as if they serve as the nose, ears and eyes of your residential space. Moreover, windows hold and draw in warmth to save you from the cold. Lastly, they let in fresh breeze and keep away frigid wind. However, you can have all these benefits with the energy-efficient and superb quality windows. 

Nowadays, Tottenham homes are being required to use windows and window frames that are good for the nature. Here are some vital facts you must learn when choosing energy-efficient windows.


Glass is a highly essential aspect of all windows. It is because it is a nature-friendly and harmless material. Variations for glass windows range from single to double and triple glass layers. On the other hand, you can also pick between tinting and insulation types or even glazing. In fact, the standard type of window here in Tottenham is double-pane window while triple-pane is considered for improvement of performance. Having more glass installed means more money to spend. However, you can still gain insulation even with no extra glass. This is where glazing usually comes in.

Some Facts About Glazing

Manufacturers do improve window insulation through injecting inert gas or air in between window panes. Some of them use argon gas or krypton. Argon requires plenty of space to complete its job. Thus, triple-pane windows have been insulated with krypton. The good news is that the gasses are not harmful or toxic, though, neither of them is cheap.

When it comes to argon-filled windows, you can spend bigger amount on labor to make it work. However, the continuous increase of krypton costs (because of limited supply) makes this gas a very expensive element among krypton-filled windows.

The tint (low-emissivity coating) is an undetectable silver oxide layer.  Low-E coating prevents the sun to reduce ultraviolet light which is harmful to the furniture and people. This coating also works well in terms of insulation.

The Frames

There are four essential materials comprising window frames: fiberglass, vinyl, wood and metal. They are also associated with composites. If you are looking for nature-friendly option, choose wood frames. Search for those frames that have been locally harvested and produced by certified sources. Take note that there are small firms producing frames out of reclaimed woods. Wood frames should be manufactured at excellent condition to get rid of mould problems. At the same time, it must be protected from moisture.

If you opt for fiberglass (glass-reinforced plastic) frames, you will enjoy strength, longevity and insulation. Furthermore, they are also less intensive to energy compared with other materials like vinyl. On its downside, fiberglass materials cannot be recycled easily.

By learning about the varied materials or types of windows, it will be easier for you to distinguish which one is eco-friendly. If you have questions, you can simply ask the manufacturer or supplier of windows and window frames in Tottenham for more details.

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